Party hard (and easily)

Who doesn’t love a fun party? However, throwing a party can be pretty stressful. I have recently discovered that Pinterest takes away A LOT of that stress. I have been gathering some ideas on my Pinterest board for the last few months and here are a few of my favorite ideas:

– Pamper party: what girl doesn’t enjoy a fresh mani and pedi?

– Design flip-flops: buy inexpensive flops and use puff paints and stick-on jewels to allow everyone to become a shoe designer, if only for a day.

– Art Party – lay out canvas, paint and brushes (hopefully outside) and let them go crazy. Just remember to ensure that they don’t wear nice clothes to the party. Some botanic gardens and museums even offer to set up all the art supplies at a reasonable rate.

– And of course, our favorite party idea is to throw a decorating party with a Flying Buttress Party Pack. What girl wouldn’t love to decorate their own handbag and infuse their wardrobe with THEIR style? Learn more at

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About myflyingbuttress

Personalized Chic Tween Handbags With a background in architecture, a love for children, a hefty collection of handbags and youthful minds dedicated to innovation, quality and usability, Flying Buttress Bags was born. We have designed a handbag line that we would buy for our own children, nieces and nephews. We focused on an approach that encourages imagination, sustainability and individual expression.

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