Children’s Spring 2013 Trend Recap – Part Deux

Welcome to Part 2 of my Spring Children’s Trend Report (you can read part 1 of our Children’s Trend Report here). There are tons of cute clothes and accessories for your tween daughter out there! Writing this has me itching to go on a shopping spree so consider yourselves warned.

Stripes – I’m definitely enjoying the spotlight that stripes are receiving these days. A classic for a reason!

Sweet Skirt from The Children’s Place $($16.95)

Pink striped top from Gap Kids ($16.95) that also follows the mixed patterns trend.

Striped top from Janie and Jack ($32.00). Does it come in adult sizes? 

Striped Top from Janie and Jack

Striped Top from Janie and Jack

Yellow – This color is king this spring!

Yellow Cardigan (with stripes!!) from The Children’s Place (Currently on sale for $20.00)

The yellow Lily panel from Flying Buttress will snap onto any of your Flying Buttress bags to update your look in a snap. 

Yellow Lily Panel - snaps onto any Flying Buttress bag

Yellow Lily Panel

I love this one-piece swimsuit from Justice! ($39.90) 

Yellow Bathing Suit from Justice

Yellow Bathing Suit from Justice

Nautical – No water required.

Again…where can I get this in my size?? A sailor skort from The Children’s Place ($16.95)

This skirt would go great with this sweater from Gap Kids ($44.95)

Banana Bread Baby has this great dress on Etsy ($55.00) 

Nautical Dress by Banana Bread Baby

Nautical Dress by Banana Bread Baby

Mix Master – I have always loved the idea of mixing patterns and my friends and I dubbed it the “funky mis-match” way back in 2002 (yikes, that was a long time ago!). It is tricky to do well so here are some suggestions:

The Retail Therapy Couch Blog put together great trends recap in which she put together some outfits. I highly recommend checking it out. Here is my personal favorite of her outfits: 

From Retail Therapy Couch

From Retail Therapy Couch

Janie and Jack has a beautiful dress with mixed patterns ($59.00) 

Mixed Pattern Dress from Janie and Jack

Mixed Pattern Dress from Janie and Jack

Plaid and Stripes skirt from The Children’s Place ($16.95)

And of course with our Booie Bag ($38.00) and Tommie Tote ($30.00) you can mix and match all of the panels to create thousands of combinations. My current favorites are the red “Mona Lisa” ($10.00) with the zebra striped “Zuri” ($10.00) 

Girls Bags from Flying Buttress

Girls Bags from Flying Buttress

Girls Bags from Flying Buttress


Now, we just need warmer weather.


Children’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

One of my favorite parts of working in the fashion world is viewing the updated trend reports. This Spring’s trend report was no disappointment. I have put together all of the trends I saw in a two-part series. And I have to give a shout out to my favorite summary from Red Tricycle.

Here is our first installment of the Spring 2013 Trends:

1. It seems every brand has created a cute Graphic Hearts Tee. A few of my favorites:

2. As you know our logo is based on a butterfly so you won’t be surprise that my favorite trendy graphic for Spring is the butterfly! Here are the favorites:

3. Two tone leggings! I love this trend, what a fun way to mix up an old (and comfy!) basic. Here are the faves:

  • From Blumarine – pricey but soooo cute! 

    Trends to go with your Flying Buttress bag for tweens

    Blumarine Two Tone Leggings

  • Sequin leggings from Joe Fresh

    Trends to match your tween's Flying Buttress handbag

    Joe Fresh Sequin Leggings

  • These have faux leather to “make” the two-tone look

    Cute Leggings to rock with your girls' Flying Buttress bag

    Lester’s Two Tone Leggings

4. The denim trend is obviously our personal favorite trend since all of our handbags, tablet sleeve and lunch bags are made of denim! Here are some cute clothing to match our bags:


  • These jeans from Gap Kids marry the graphic heart and denim trend perfectly.
  • Tilly’s has the perfect shorts for summer.

    Denim Trends that go with Flying Buttress girls' bags

    Tilly’s Denim Short

  • I want this adorable denim jacket from The Children’s Place in my size!!!

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