5 Easy Recipes to Cook for the Family – Crockpot Style

We all know that figuring out a meal for the kids (that’s somewhat healthy) is always a challenge after a long day. This is one of the reasons that we all love the crockpot!

I have put together a list of tried and true recipes for when you need some inspiration:

1) Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue from Allrecipes.com


I tried this recipe out a couple months ago and was amazed at how tender the chicken was. I know that there is some discussion as to whether you should throw frozen chicken breasts into a crockpot or not…I did with this recipe and it turned out great. You can’t go wrong with bbq chicken sandwiches. Pair that with some salad and or green beans and dinner is done!

2. Bachelor’s Creamy Pumpkin Soup from Allrecipes.com


This is a new must-have at our Thanksgiving dinners but I don’t know why you can make it year round. The recipe calls for you to cook it on a stovetop but why not throw it on low in a crockpot? I switch out the water for chicken broth to add a bit more flavor. If you want to make it healthier, substitute the heavy cream for milk and some greek yogurt. I have also added chunks of sweet potato and/or butternut squash to this recipe. YUMMY!!

3. Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwich from Chef-in-Training.com


I have only made this once before but it literally keeps popping into my head so I’ll be making it again very soon. This was incredibly easy and so good. The leftovers are possibly even better! If you want to go low carb, throw the chicken onto some romaine lettuce and there you go ~ a delicious salad.

4. Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef from Sixsistersstuff.com


The great thing with this recipe is that you can throw a ton of veggies into it so you don’t have to eat the rice. I think you should add mushrooms, red bell pepper, asparagus, string beans and more! It’s a good base recipe to allow you to play if you have time.

5. Mom’s Lentil Soup – from Yankeeteatime.com


The first time I made this, I didn’t do it in the crockpot, but again, there is no reason that you can’t.  This soup has protein, fiber and will FILL YOU UP!


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One response to “5 Easy Recipes to Cook for the Family – Crockpot Style

  1. I’m in love with my crock pot and plan on trying out the mongolian beef this week! Yum! 🙂 Would love to have you share your tips and recipes with The Crock Pot Crowd. Feel free to post links back to your posts, too!


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