Back to School fashion updates for 2014

School has started and that means it is time to update your Flying Buttress handbag, tablet sleeve or lunch bag with a fun new panel that is meant for back-to-school!! We have chosen the top five panels for the 2014 school year!!

1. Hope Panel – $10

With the ‘peace’ illustrations on a paper-lined background, the Hope Panel is an excellent school-friendly panel for your bag (featured below on the Yummie Lunch Bag). Snap it on and it can be worn as-is or decorated and personalized by you!! Plus, feel Hope-ful that proceeds of all Hope Panel sales go to Unicef!!

Closeup of a decorated Hope Panel:

2. Mona Lisa Panel White with DIY Decorations for Cheer and School Spirit – $10

This very spirited Mona Lisa Panel (featured on the Yummie Lunch Bag) is a great example of how to decorate one of our plain panels to show your love for cheer and your school!! Subscribe to our YouTube page for the DIY video!

3. Avery Panel – $10The Avery panel (shown below on the Tommie Tote) is PERFECT for all uniform wearing girls!! Along with the black and pink plaid it features hints of reds, blues and greens so it is great to wear on weekends as well!!

4. Mona Lisa Panel in Red with DIY Stencil Painted School Mascot – $10Mona Lisa Red Panel is stenciled with a white painted Bulldog logo (featured on Yummie Lunch Bag). Show pride in your team and school when you personalize your panel!! Subscribe to our YouTube page to see the DIY video!

5. Zoe – $10

The Zoe Panel is a playful panel that is perfect for the your favorite field trip! This panel is featured on the Booie Bag which is perfect for all excursions.


5 Ways to Accessorize your School Uniform for Spring 2014

I live in a town with three private schools and all wear uniforms so I’m very familiar with the conveniences and struggles of the uniform. Now the school uniform is a classic look (just ask Britney) but it is hard to maintain your individuality when you look is so, well, uniform. I’ve put together the best tween accessories for Spring 2014 so you can keep your sense of personal style unique and updated.

1. The all important HANDBAG:

The best part of the Flying Buttress handbag system is that you don’t need to spend much to update your handbag. There are several trendy options from which to pick your favorite:

TREND: Stripes


Liz - multi-color striped handbag

Liz – multi-color striped handbag

TREND: Polka-dots

Panel: Dottie (in pink with white polka-dots and brown with multi-color polka-dots)

Booie Bag with Dottie Panel

Booie Bag with Dottie Panel

TREND: Sequins

PANEL: Kimberley (in black, red and magenta)

Kimberley on the girls Birdie Bag

Kimberley on the Birdie Bag


Booie Bag and Reina Panel

Booie Bag and Reina Panel


Tommie Tote with Emily panels

Tommie Tote with Emily panels


Yummie Lunch Bag with Julie panels

Yummie Lunch Bag with Julie panels


Techie iPad sleeve with Suzette panel

Techie iPad sleeve with Suzette panel

TREND: Bejeweled ruffles

PANEL: Lily (in yellow, white and teal)

Birdie bag with Lily panel in Turquoise

Birdie bag with Lily panel in Turquoise

TREND: Metallics

PANEL: Trixie (in gold and silver)

Techie iPad Sleeve closed with the Trixie panel in silver

Techie iPad Sleeve closed with the Trixie panel in silver

TREND: Camouflage


Techie iPad Sleeve with Jane Panel

Techie iPad Sleeve with Jane Panel

2. Headscarves or headbands:

Headwear is big this spring but not just in hats! You will see lots of retro headscarves, gingham headbands and floral headbands. As for hats, camouflage is big and straw hats will be seen.

3. Shoes:

Shoes styles will be tennis shoes (think Converse – printed and laceless); Mary Janes, sandals in ankle strap and lace-up (especially metallic!); ballet flats in floral and eyelet materials; white boots; pointed toe; and flatforms.

4. Jewelry:

Metallic fruit pendants, bangles and handmade jewelry of all kinds.

5. Scarves:

Lace for early Spring and neon for late Spring.

* Note: not all accessories in the list will be acceptable in all schools. When in doubt, make sure you understand the dress code before wearing something!

Children’s Spring 2013 Trend Recap – Part Deux

Welcome to Part 2 of my Spring Children’s Trend Report (you can read part 1 of our Children’s Trend Report here). There are tons of cute clothes and accessories for your tween daughter out there! Writing this has me itching to go on a shopping spree so consider yourselves warned.

Stripes – I’m definitely enjoying the spotlight that stripes are receiving these days. A classic for a reason!

Sweet Skirt from The Children’s Place $($16.95)

Pink striped top from Gap Kids ($16.95) that also follows the mixed patterns trend.

Striped top from Janie and Jack ($32.00). Does it come in adult sizes? 

Striped Top from Janie and Jack

Striped Top from Janie and Jack

Yellow – This color is king this spring!

Yellow Cardigan (with stripes!!) from The Children’s Place (Currently on sale for $20.00)

The yellow Lily panel from Flying Buttress will snap onto any of your Flying Buttress bags to update your look in a snap. 

Yellow Lily Panel - snaps onto any Flying Buttress bag

Yellow Lily Panel

I love this one-piece swimsuit from Justice! ($39.90) 

Yellow Bathing Suit from Justice

Yellow Bathing Suit from Justice

Nautical – No water required.

Again…where can I get this in my size?? A sailor skort from The Children’s Place ($16.95)

This skirt would go great with this sweater from Gap Kids ($44.95)

Banana Bread Baby has this great dress on Etsy ($55.00) 

Nautical Dress by Banana Bread Baby

Nautical Dress by Banana Bread Baby

Mix Master – I have always loved the idea of mixing patterns and my friends and I dubbed it the “funky mis-match” way back in 2002 (yikes, that was a long time ago!). It is tricky to do well so here are some suggestions:

The Retail Therapy Couch Blog put together great trends recap in which she put together some outfits. I highly recommend checking it out. Here is my personal favorite of her outfits: 

From Retail Therapy Couch

From Retail Therapy Couch

Janie and Jack has a beautiful dress with mixed patterns ($59.00) 

Mixed Pattern Dress from Janie and Jack

Mixed Pattern Dress from Janie and Jack

Plaid and Stripes skirt from The Children’s Place ($16.95)

And of course with our Booie Bag ($38.00) and Tommie Tote ($30.00) you can mix and match all of the panels to create thousands of combinations. My current favorites are the red “Mona Lisa” ($10.00) with the zebra striped “Zuri” ($10.00) 

Girls Bags from Flying Buttress

Girls Bags from Flying Buttress

Girls Bags from Flying Buttress


Now, we just need warmer weather.

Top 8 Things Teen Girls Need to Have for Back-to-School

It’s Back-to-school time! The leaves on the trees will be changing color soon and what a perfect example of how we live today. These days it’s all about choice and transition. And now our choice doesn’t even have to last an entire day. More and more companies are designing products that can easily and quickly change looks.  However, we all know that as much as things change, they stay the same. Read on for some of our favorite innovative and classic items that will get you ready for back to school.

 8. Lip gloss in a sheer color. No matter how long a school day it has been, the powers of a pretty lip-gloss always work. Our favorites are: Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Bamboo Pink ($15.00) and Revlon Super Lustrous in Foiled ($7.00).

7. You care. Let your best friend know with a BFF necklace. They always make you feel as good as they look. There are some really fun new styles out. Some of our favorites are pieces of pie (so none of your BFFs are left out), Yin and Yang and sprinkled donuts.  One brand we love is Dogeared. All of their dainty jewelry is unique yet timeless, especially the Loving Heart necklace from the Best Friends collection. Check out our Pinterest board for even more ideas.

6. A Flying Buttress bag is the perfect bag to tote around your school supplies. Our favorite is the Booie Bag, the extendable strap allows you to wear it as a cross-body bag or on one shoulder. But the best part is that there are snaps on the outside of the bag onto which you can attach various ‘bag bling’.  Flying Buttress has over 30 different “panels” allowing you to change the look of your bag easily. You don’t have to pick between a cheetah print bag or polka dot bag. And every day your handbag will go with your outfit for a polished look. Another great option is the Yummie Lunch Bag for your lunch. Why be boring when you can have your lunch bag match your outfit.

5. Emi Jay hair bands are our new favorite girls hair accessory. They are so cute they double as bracelets especially when layered with multiple colors. We all hate when you can’t take your hair down because then it leaves a weird looking crease. These don’t leave a crease in your hair – so feel free to mix it up! We also love the new Goody Spin Pin – stop putting all those bobby pins in your hair and just use one! The craziest way to change your hair without going to the salon is to add some color extensions from Snazzy Lites. It’s a great way to show school pride.

4. Mogo sunglasses have an awesome selection of bright and basic sunglasses with shapes and size for everyone. What’s even better – you can attach decorations to the sunglasses for a little extra bling.

3. What is your favorite pen? We all have a favorite. So make sure you stock up on yours before the year starts. My favorite right now is the Uni-ball Jetstream ($25.00 for 12). Also, check out the Pen Addict blog for a regularly updated list.

2. Tom’s shoes are the perfect way to look cute while giving back to the world. We love that they have such an inspiring vision. Our new favorite is the Wool Dot Youth Cordones as they are perfect for Fall ($42.00) You’ll feel good and you will look good as well.

1. All you really need to have a good time going back to school is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new things!

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