5 Fun Ideas for Tween Girls to do this Summer

School’s (almost) out for summer! For kids, this signals freedom and fun. For Stay-At-Home-Moms, this can make you tired just thinking about your ‘free’ time evaporating. We are here to help with some ideas that require little set-up or guidance for you.

– Get the girls started on making a photo album or scrapbook from the last school year.

– Encourage them to donate some time to a volunteer organization. This is something she can do with her friends to make it sound more appealing. Once they start, they will realize how much fun they are having! Some suggestions: beach or park clean up, organize a food drive and stock the local food pantry, or even make a bird feeder for your own backyard.

– Supply your tween with the supplies to make friendships bracelets for her friends to wear when they go back to school.

– Invite her closest friends over for a Flying Buttress panel decoration party with a ​Party Pack. Each girl gets to decorate their handbag or lunch bag and then take it home. It is a great activity for you to show off her style and creativity and the party favors are taken care of!


Party Pack designer

Party Pack designer

– Prepare a picnic at your favorite park with your daughter and her friends. Or she can go by yourself and read a new book – how about Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush

If you need even more ideas, follow our ​Summer Fun board on Pinterest!


8 Fun Summer Activities for Tweens

Running out of ideas of what to do as the mercury is still running high? Here is a quick list of new ideas.

– Make jewelry

– Interview your family for a ‘podcast’

– Learn some new braids and practice with your friends (lots of ideas on Pinterest)

– Enter the Sweety High Contest by designing your own Flying Buttress panel idea

– Scrapbook your memories from the last school year

– Learn how to cook something new

– Go through your closet and donate unwanted and gently used clothing to a charity

– Make friendships bracelets for all of your best buds to wear when you get back to school


Have a safe and fun August!!!


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